Building better international relations and trust through education, culture and sport.

SYMC is a consultancy specialising in research, policy, strategy, evaluation, and professional development.

Our sectoral focus is on foreign policy and diplomacy, cultural policy and practice, education, digital communications, and sport.

We help our clients to become better at achieving their purpose. We improve intelligence and understanding, provide evidence-based strategy advice, develop engagement, evaluate impact and results, and meet needs for enhanced skills and knowledge.

The Consultancy delivers a full range of services including:

  • Practical research that addresses clients’ needs;
  • Innovative ‘blue-sky’ thinking;
  • Support for clients to develop and influence international and domestic public policies, strategies, and audiences, in education, culture and sport;
  • Help clients to develop and deliver organisational and context-specific strategies;
  • Engagement and active listening activities to promote and share ideas;
  • Evaluation of activities to improve delivery;
  • Training, professional development, and executive briefings, through courses, workshops, seminars and bespoke briefings.

We draw on 25+ years’ experience of high-level public policy, strategy development and delivery in cultural, educational, and foreign policy, international cultural relations, and digital strategy, and on extensive networks in both theory and practice. Our expertise is in public policy at Governmental, multilateral and sub-national levels, and in academia.

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